Total Freedom Program New York

Helping people overcome addictions and destructive lifestyles

2023 Year in Review


Not another rehab, God offers a lifestyle change through Total Freedom

  1. 9 month residential discipleship not rehab, an alternative addiction program for adult men and women.
  2. Learn how to get set free and stay set free from drugs, alcohol, and destructive lifestyles.
  3. 12 month after-care program with accountability to attend any church service/study twice a week.
  4. $125 a week program charge if resident can afford it. If not ministry will provide funding for eligible applicants.
  5. 1-3 persons per room with bed, dresser, closet space, and individual bathrooms.
  6. Christ-centered discipleship program entails curriculum based on the Word of God, Jesus Christ.
  7. Requirements include a willingness to get set free and stay set free from drugs, alcohol, and destructive lifestyles.
  8. Faith-based program, not supported by any outside enterprises.
  9. For those that complete the 21 month fulfillment, results are in the 95-97% success rate.
  10. Lifestyle change, not a secular rehab or drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.
  11. We are a one-step program, Jesus Christ. “He who the Son makes free, is free indeed” John 8:32
  12. Over 60 total acre’s on the Freedom Fellowship Campus.
  13. Fitness Center with various equipment.
  14. Cedar Sauna with color lights.
  15. Groomed trails through woods for running, walking, and prayer.
  16. Foosball, ping pong, basketball court, and plenty of field space for football, etc.
  17. Garden for fresh produce, Apple and Plum trees, etc.
  18. Chickens and Nigerian Dwarf Goats.
  19. Fellowship and family visit every Sunday before and after services.
  20. Vocational opportunities to further ones life skills and live a productive life.
  21. Call today and speak to one of our staff for more information!
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A life saving, alternative addiction program for anyone with destructive lifestyle behaviors.

— Kim Koziol, Graduate & Medical Professional